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BBC News - Gulf War syndrome suicide link

A government defence minister has agreed to investigate figures suggesting two Gulf War veterans commit suicide every month.

Bravo one four Bravo

British Gulf War veterans personal view on the events leading up to, during and after the Gulf conflict. With hundreds of the exclusive photos, of life in the desert, Iraqi armour, and the Basra road. You have read the book, seen the film, now visit the website for a front line view of Desert Storm.

National Gulf Veterans & Families Association

The aims of the Association shall be to provide immediate and ongoing support to those persons who are, or have been, suffering medical or psychiatric disorders since their service in the Persian Gulf Conflict, to secure and enhance their quality of life and assist in prevention or repeat events. To provide a forum in which to nurture continuing companionship and friendship to veterans, families and friends.

Terry Walker - Mother of All Battles

When countries go to war, and those war's are over, battles won and lost, few considerations towards the consequences and implication of the aftermath are taken into account.

The Gulf Veterans Association

The 16th January 2001 at 21.50GMT was the 10th Anniversary of the start of the Gulf War. Cruise Missiles were launched from the USS Missouri marking the opening of the allied attack.

Even after 10 years neither the previous Government or this Government has looked at the Gulf Issue and as regard illnesses we only hope this will change through the media coverage and public pressure. Never before has there been a need for a public enquiry.

This website has been created to assist Veterans and their Families with obtaining information and current developments throughout the world that are associated with the Gulf War.

The UK Gulf Web

The UK GULFWEB is moving towards the end of an era in it’s history though, as is the way of the world, as one moves on one must move both forward and upward in order to survive. The ‘ozbod site’ as it has become known, has reached that point whereby it now needs to expand to accommodate the on going and ever increasing situation with the Gulf Veterans Issues.

UK Gulf War Help

I am not a Gulf War Veteran although I was a serving member of the Royal Air Force at the time.However my son, who had joined the army the previous February and served with 12AD Reg't, is a veteran of the conflict.

Veterans Agency

the Veterans Agency, an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence. Our mission is to deliver modern, high-quality, customer-focused services to war disablement pensioners, war widow(er)s, their dependants and carers and other veterans; and to deliver them consistently, efficiently and effectively in recognition of the many extraordinary and unique personal sacrifices made in defence of the nation.
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