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British Heart Foundation

The aim of the British Heart foundation is to play a leading role in the fight against heart diseas so that it is no longer a major cause of disability and premature death.

Cardiac Risk In The Young

CRY was founded in 1995 by Alison Cox. For four years, the head office was based in a private home but as the charity grew, so did its need for more staff, presentation materials, printing equipment and storage facilities. CRY also needed space in which to counsel families and meet people who could help promote and support the work of a new charity. Being based in a private home meant that CRY escaped the majority of costs normally associated with the running of an office. However thanks to the incredible efforts of our fund raisers the charity was finally able to afford the move into a warehouse unit on a small industrial estate. Progress!

Children with Heart Disorders

Formed in 1973, registered as a charity in 1975, the Association for Children with Heart Disorders (TACHD) is a support group run by families and friends of cardiac children for families with, or who have had, children with heart disorders.

Children's Heart Federation

One out of every 100 children born suffers from a heart disorder. But the different kinds of disorder are rare enough for their families often to feel very alone. The Children's Heart Federation (CHF) brings together groups across Britain and Ireland so that they can share problems, ideas, approaches and educational materials designed to help heart children.

Doncaster Heart Support Group

This is a self help group supporting people who have a heart problem, and their families. Many people (with their partner) come for support as soon as they know there is a problem.
The group is intended for people living in the Doncaster and South Yorkshire area, but people from any area are welcome to attend. Come to our next meeting and see how much help and support you can get.

Downs Heart Group

The Down`s Heart Group is a UK charity which offers support and information to families who have a member with Down`s Syndrome and congenital heart defects.

Great Yarmouth & Waveney HeartCare Cardiac Support Group

HeartCare is a self-help group started by people with heart problems (usually angina or a heart attack) to help others in Gt Yarmouth & Waveney with the same problems and to provide support and information.

Heart Throbs HSG (Chase Farm)

Started in 1990 by Sister Noirin Egan in Melbourne Ward (the cardiac ward) at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield, Middlesex, England, Heart Throbs is now one of the leading and most active cardiac support groups in the North London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire areas.

Heartbeat - East Suffolk Cardiac Support Group

Heartbeat is a self help group started by people in Ipswich and East Suffolk in October 1987 to provide support and information to those within the region who have heart problems.


We are a voluntary organisation set up to offer help and support to children with heart disorders and their families regardless of how slight or severe the condition may be.
How can we help?
Having a baby or child with a heart disorder is very stressful, particularly at the time of diagnosis, before surgery and postoperatively. No matter how helpful and supportive hospital staff are, as parents you will always have worries and unanswered questions. It may be helpful to talk to another parent who has experienced a similar situation and understands how you feel.

Left Heart Matters

Left Heart Matters is a support group for children who have the congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

My Heart Bypass

May be you or someone you know are awaiting a heart-bypass operation. This may be as a result of suffering from angina as in my case. This site is an attempt to convey what happened to me personally and perhaps share and maybe talk about what was involved. I know that I did not know what to expect, and that how each individual react will depend on that person.

Redditch Hale and Hearties

We are here to provide support for anyone who has heart problems.
We can sympathise and empathise with your fears, both for the patient and their partner or carer. Membership is free and all our welcome at our monthly meetings.

Solihull Heart Support Group

We are an active group of former heart patients who aim to improve the quality of life for ourselves and fellow heart patients and their families by sharing our experiences, improving awareness and understanding of the various heart conditions. We believe that given due respect to their heart problems most patients can lead a near normal active life. The group is primarily intended for people living in the Solihull and neighbouring areas of the West Midlands, UK. The Group is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation - the heart research charity.

The Cardiomyopathy Association (UK)

This site provides information on all four main forms of this heart muscle disease. We are a UK charity providing info for sufferers and families affected by cardiomyopathy - a heart muscle disease which affects over 150,000 in the UK. Content is in layman's terms for easy understanding. Visitors can also download glossaries and data from the site.

The Mid-Cheshire Heart Support Group

The Mid-Cheshire Heart Support Group is a mutual non medical support group for all Cardiac Patients, Partners, Carers and families.
The Group has been recently set up, one year ago by a group of Cardiac Patients and their Partners, Carers and families, in the Mid and South Cheshire area with the aim to offer and provide a non medical mutual support service to fellow Cardiac Patients/Carers and their families.

The Salford Heart Care Support Group

The Salford Heart Care Support Group was founded by Bernard Hamilton in 1987. He recognised that there was a need for rehabilitation for patients recovering from heart disease. He found the pressures of having to adopt a new lifestyle overwhelming.

UK & Overseas Heart Society - Heartlink

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