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Association for Continence Advice

The Association for Continence Advice is an organisation for healthcare professionals concerned with the progression of care for continence and, as such, does not provide direct personal advice on continence matters. For more information and advice on a personal basis please contact one of the organisations listed below or contact your current Continence Specialist

ENURESIS Resource and Information Centre

The Enuresis Resource and Information Centre (ERIC) is the first organisation in the UK and internationally to provide support and information on nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting and day-time wetting in children and teenagers. We can also help young adults with bedwetting.

Farmhurst Medical

The Leading Distributors of Stoma and Incontinence Appliances in the UK


We are the UK organisation for people affected by bowel and bladder problems, and their carers.

Medisave UK

Medisave specialises in nursing, medical supplies and HSE first aid equipment.We have an online shop selling everything from disposable gloves, aprons, incontinence care & stethoscopes to blood pressure monitors & HSE First Aid Kits. We welcome orders from members of the public, care homes and companies! We can accept orders from all major credit cards through our secure encrypted online system, or if you prefer to order over the phone, or wish to request a printed catalogue, please call (Freephone) 0800 8046447.

The Continence Foundation,

The Continence Foundation is dedicated to helping people who have some problem with bladder or bowel control in their adult lives. They provide information and advice and also produce a range of leaflets on continence-related topics.


Treat-incontinence.com is an internet-based service designed to build partnerships between NHS, patient, parent and Ferraris Medical Ltd to effectively treat incontinence and eliminate waiting lists.

WIN Health

WIN Health - a new UK manufacturer and distributor of nursing and medical supplies to health professionals, care homes and private individuals.
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