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Australia - Victorian Lupus Association

The Primary Objective is to provide mutual support for Lupus sufferers and to provide them with information about their disease.

Big Bad Wolf's Den!

Hello My name is Lupus and I am a big bad wolf that attacks mostly women between the ages of 15 and 45!
I am cunning in my approach! I trick my victim's immune system! I make them develop antibodies against themselves!

Canada - Lupus - Canada

This site is provided as a source of information about Lupus Canada, its member organizations, and lupus the disease. We hope it is of interest to people with lupus, their family and friends.

Canada - Lupus Society of Alberta

We are pleased to offer you access to our web site for information about our Society and Lupus. The Lupus Society of Alberta was incorporated as a non-profit charity in 1973 and has remained a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization since its establishment. Our Society is devoted to meeting the needs of people touched by lupus through education, support, and research.

Embracing the Wolf

To Embrace The Wolf is to Embrace Life

Lumpus Beacon

The L.E. Support Club was founded to help lupus patients cope with the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus through its newsletter, the Lupus Beacon. The newsletter is written by lupus patients and from the patient's point of view.

Lupus Around the World

Our Online Family strives to provide you with what you want and need to cope with chronic illness: up-to-date information, immediate support by others in your situation, and links to EVERY other lupus-related site on the internet.

Lupus Awareness Ring Homepage

The Lupus Awareness Ring connects sites filled with information about Lupus. Some of the sites are virtual libraries of good medical information about the disease. Others are personal homepages, ecounting personal stories of dealing with "the Wolf". So please, take the time to travel around our little ring and learn about the disease that is often called "the great imitator".

My Lupus Story

There is hope for those that have an auto immune disease. A personal story of how lupus affected my life and what we found to stop the pain.

The Faces of Lupus

This page was designed to show everyone what Lupus is, and how it affects it's victums.
The next page takes you to touching stories of real people who have Lupus and other auto-immune diseases.
Please be sure to read this before clicking through to the GOOD STUFF!

USA - Lupus Foundation of Minnesota

The Lupus Foundation of Minnesota is a non-profit charitable organization that provides education, support and service to those affected by lupus, promotes awareness and understanding of lupus to others, and supports research that seeks to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lupus as well as to discover its cause and cure.
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