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Links: Motor Neurone Disease /Amyotrophic Laterial Sclerosis - International - Medical Condition

ALS Association - USA

Excellent Web site. Up to minute information, Articles and Information which is are easy to read. Well designed and easy to navigate.

ALS March of Faces

The ALS March of Faces is a patient/caregiver governed and operated non-profit organization, dedicated to heightening public awareness of ALS, and advocating on issues that concern and/or benefit PALS (People with ALS).

Janet's ALS Page (In Dutch)

Ik ben Jeanet van der Vlist, 45 jaar. Ik ben getrouwd met Hein en heb 2 kinderen: Floor (12) en Ward (9). Sinds 3 jaar heb ik ALS, amyotrophische lateraal sclerose. Deze homepage heb ik vooral, zo niet alleen, voor mede ALS’ers en hun omgeving gemaakt.

Leicestershire & Rutland Branch - The MND Association

United Kingdom: The Leicestershire & Rutland Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association has the sole aim of serving all those in the area who are affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND). This includes people with MND, their carers, family and friends. MND is an incurable condition which affects

Motor Neurone Disease Assoc - Victoria, Australia

Welcome to the Home Page and Web Site of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Victoria, Australia (MNDAV).

North West London Branch - Motor Neurone Disease Association

We are an independent charity, with a national office in Northampton and over 80 Local Branches nationwide. Good evening and welcome to the website for the North West London Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND Association) we have the sole aim of serving all those in the

Paul's MND Pages

I set up this Website mainly for those who have recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease . Hopefully these pages will provide all the information and HOPE that one needs to know. I am not a Writer , I'm just an average bloke living with MND passing on a few tips and stories that have helped me. Most of the information has been gathered from other Websites and is credited as such. Paul Vineburg

Renate Winke's Web Site

My name is Renate Winke, I am 49 years old, married and have got a 28 years-old dauther. My husband and I, we live in a small and nice country named Nützen (Schleswig-Holstein, North-Germany).

Sahara Griha - Nepal Helping Home For Paralysed & Disabled Persons

Sahara Griha is the Non-profitable and Non-Governmental organization established in 2001 A. D. to help the paralyzed and disabled person. This NGO will pay special attention to help the paralyzed and disabled - physical, Blind, Deaf persons (Cerebral palsy, Head injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral vascular accident, moror newron dieses, polio, guillian bare syndrom, juvenilerheumatic arthritis, meningitis, encephalities, autism) for the life long period by providing them lodging, fooding, medical treatment, social and psychological support in family environment. It has the programme of community base rehabilitation (Awareness developing, Advocacy, Human Rights, Voice of Equal opportunity) Sahara Griha is also that kind of organization which is run medically by the Doctor who is self handicapped. Whose biography is mention below :

Scandinavian ALS Webpage (Also in English)

The purpose of this website is to spread information about ALS. To give help and support. I was diagnosed with ALS in 1993. 26 years old the discovery chocked me. I tried to obtain information about the disease.
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