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Australia - The Australian Organ Donor Register

The Australian Organ Donor Register was launched on 12 November 2000. It started after consultation with the Department of Health and Ageing, and representatives from the organ donation network, including Australians Donate, Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, Australian Kidney Foundation, Victorian Organ Donor Register and other state-based donation agencies.

Australia - Transplant Friends

Transplants Friends are all the people with a big heart, a gentle touch, people who have so much to give and ask nothing in return. People like you, like me and the people who created this list to help each other. You don't have to be a "patient" to be in this list. Just enjoy the friendship you will find in here because as a good friend of mine said "GEMS MAY BE PRECIOUS, BUT FRIENDSHIP IS PRICELESS"

Canada - Canadian Association of Transplantation (CAT)

The Canadian Association of Transplantation is a national non-profit association of health professionals committed to facilitating and enhancing the donation/transplant process.

Canada - GiveLife

The GiveLife website was developed to assist Canadians in making informed decisions regarding organ, tissue, and bone marrow donation. This site provides some national information regarding organ donation, but more importantly acts as a portal to the many provincial organizations that are mandated to oversee organ and tissue donation programs in each region.

Canada - The British Columbia Transplant Society (BCTS)

The British Columbia Transplant Society (BCTS), established in 1986, directs, delivers or contracts for all organ transplant services across BC.
It is funded principally through the BC Ministry of Health Services, and is an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority. The BC Transplant Society's Foundation is an officially recognized charitable organization.

Croatia - "Life As A Gift" ("Zivot Na Dar")

In Crotian/English/German/Italian/French
Kartica je prvi puta predstavljena na "Drugom hrvatskom simpoziju o supstitucijskom liječenju renalne insuficijencije i transplantacijskoj medicini s medjunarodnim sudjelovanjem" u studenom 1996. god.
Kako bi se na životu održali mnogi bolesnici oboljeli od neizlječivih bolesti, danas se u svijetu provode uspješna presađivanja bubrega, jetre, srca, koštane srži i drugih organa i tkiva. Najveci broj presađivanja provodi se zbog kroničnog zatajenja bubrežne funkcije. U Evropi i SAD provodi se godišnje na desetine tisuća presađivanja i to uglavnom s umrlih osoba. Usprkos tome broj organa premalen je za zadovoljenje potreba.
The first public presentation of the Card was on the "Second Croatian conference about substitution therapy of renal insufficiency and transplant medicine" in November 1996.
In order to maintain in life many people suffering from incurable diseases, the modern medicine everywhere in the world practises successful transplantations of kidneys, liver, heart, pancreas, bone marrow, and other tissues. The largest number of transplants is done due to chronic renal insufficiency. There are dozens of thousands transplantations in the USA and in Europe each year, mostly of deceased persons. In spite of that the number of available organs is still too small to satisfy the needs.

The Eurotransplant International Foundation

The Eurotransplant International Foundation is responsible for the mediation and allocation of organ donation procedures in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Slovenia. In this international collaborative framework, the participants include all transplant hospitals, tissue-typing laboratories and hospitals where organ donations take place. The Eurotransplant region numbers well over 118 million inhabitants.

USA - Mid-America Transplant Services (MTS)

Mid-America Transplant Services (MTS) is a community-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life. MTS coordinates the procurement of vital organs, tissues and eyes in hospitals throughout eastern and southern Missouri, southern Illinois, and northeastern Arkansas.
MTS is staffed by more than 70 employees including nurses, medical technicians, community relations and support staff.

USA - National Donor Family Council

The National Donor Family Council was founded in 1992 as the "Home for Donor Families." Comprised of donor family members and professionals, the National Donor Family Council supports the needs and expectations of all organ and tissue donor families and assists the health care professionals who work most closely with these families. The Council works collaboratively with all organizations in the transplant, bereavement, and professional communities. Through dedicated service to the families of those who gave the gift of life, the Council provides a strong, unified voice in meeting their needs and providing a safe haven as they learn to live without the ones they love.

USA - The National Institute of Transplantation

The National Institute of Transplantation is an internationally recognized leader in all scientific areas of organ transplantation including laboratory and clinical research as well as professional and public education. The institute was founded by Robert Mendez MD, FACS and Rafael G. Mendez MD, FACS with the generous support of The Daughters of Charity at St. Vincent Medical Center, west of downtown Los Angeles.

USA - The United Network for Organ Sharing

The United Network for Organ Sharing is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives by marshalling the medical, scientific, public policy and technological resources needed to facilitate every organ transplant performed in the United States.

USA - TransWeb

TransWeb's mission has been constant from the beginnings in 1994 to the present: 1) To provide information about donation and transplantation to the general public in order to improve organ and tissue procurement efforts worldwide; 2) To provide transplant patients and families world wide with information specifically dealing with transplant-related issues and concerns; and 3) To provide an index of sources for transplant-related information available through the internet and otherwise.


BMT InfoNet is a not-for-profit 501 c 3 organization. Since 1990, we have been providing up-to-date information and emotional support to bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood transplant patients and their families.
All of our publications are carefully reviewed by a team of highly qualified medical experts to ensure accuracy. Our small but dedicated staff is committed to helping patients and survivors cope with all aspects of the transplant experience.

USA-International Association for Organ Donation

Welcome to International Association for Organ Donation Transplantation saves lives, but only if you help. All you need to do is sign a donor card and your driver’s license, and discuss your decision with your family. In the United Sates, 80,000 people are waiting for life-saving transplants. A new patient joins the list every 16 minutes. Every 96 minutes, a person dies while waiting.
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