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UK - British Organ Donor Society

This site covers topics on organ donation and transplantation, both in the UK and Worldwide. Your requests for topics you would like to see included are welcomed. Please send them to email address above and Bookmark the URL of this homepage for future reference, now. Thank you. Best viewed using HTML3 compatible Browsers.

UK - Claire's Website

Hello and Welcome to my website, www.TransplantFriends.co.uk, which is all about me, my life and much much more! My name is Claire and I am 26 years of age. I have created this website for several reasons. I want to let friends and others know about me and my life as a kidney transplant patient, my family, and my fantastic superb husband Jamie, who I love to bits! We got married on the 16th June 2001 and had a wonderful day!

UK - National Kidney Federation

The NKF is the only UK charity run BY Kidney patients FOR kidney patients. Its aim is to promote, throughout the United Kingdom, the welfare of persons suffering from Kidney Disease or Renal failure and those relatives and friends who care for them.

UK - NHS Organ Donation Net

Over 5000 people in the UK are currently waiting for an organ transplant that could dramatically improve - or even save - their life. Many people die each year before getting the transplant they need. By choosing to carry a donorcard or joining the NHS Organ Donor Register, you could help make sure life goes on.

UK - The Donor Family Quilt

The Donor Family Quilt is a tribute to those who have given the Gift of Life through organ and tissue donation. Each quilt square is unique and is designed by a donor family to recognise and remember their loved one as a visual display of love and living.

UK - The Kidney Alliance

The Kidney Alliance was formed jointly by the Renal Association and the National Kidney Federation in 1998 with the support of the British Renal Symposium. The aim was to bring together patients' voice and professionals committed to renal medicine. Its mission:
'to promote high quality treatment for all patients with kidney failure on an equal and uniform base throughout the UK'.

UK - Transplat Patients Trust of Great Britain

The Trust was inaugurated in 1991 when it became apparent that no charity existed to support transplant patients with severe hardship. A failed transplant can have disastrous consequences and even a successful one may leave the family with serious poverty. Years of ill health and loss of employment before transplantation can be followed by inability to secure a job even if full fitness is restored.

UK Transplant

At UK Transplant we are doing everything with one focus - to save or improve the lives of thousands of people every year through organ transplantation
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