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BBC News - UK millions fight Aids and polio

Collective Ability

We are Paul & Marguerite McElroy and we make up Collective Ability, an information resource which has grown out of our own story: Marguerite, an ex-social worker, developed Post Polio Syndrome about 10 years ago ~ and Paul, a medical research scientist, set about looking for what might be of help to her. Paul, who has a PhD in Immunology, has used his scientific expertise to discover well-documented and scientifically rigorous findings about nutrition that have led to Maggi's massively improved health and well being.

Crawlers - Baby Knee Pads

Crawlers™ are a stylish, soft, baby and child friendly knee pad designed to keep children comfortable when crawling for prolonged periods on the hard flooring surfaces of the modern home and help reduce the cuts and grazes caused by those toddling tumbles.

I'm not 'that woman with callipers (leg braces)'

My name is Julia and I was born in the south of England in 1961. When I was four years old, while accompanying my parents in foreign parts, I contracted polio. The consequence was that I was left paralysed from the waist down. Apart from that, there's nothing to distinguish me from anyone else. I do everything that I want to do; I go wherever I choose, and I mix with a group of friends just like any other sociable person.

Lincolnshire Post Polio Network

The core of this site is an online library of well over one hundred full text articles on Post-Polio conditions, many from peer reviewed medical journals. The library is catalogued to assist reading order and new articles are added typically every few weeks. A categorised directory of Polio resources is also provided with every entry having a description. The regularly updated NewsBites section includes Polio related news items from around the world and all the bi-monthly LincPIN Post-Polio information newsletters are available in the Networking section.

NMAP - Polio

NMAP (Nursing, Midwifery and Allied health Professions) is a gateway to evaluated, quality Internet resources, aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners in the health and medical sciences. NMAP is created by a core team of information specialists and subject experts coordinated at the University of Nottingham Greenfield Medical Library, in partnership with with key organisations throughout the UK Content providers from relevant professional organisations help to ensure that NMAP meets the needs of the professions. It is closely integrated with the OMNI gateway.


Excellent Polio website.

The British Polio Fellowship

The British Polio Fellowship (BPF) is a registered charity with over 9000 members. It was one of the first organisations of disabled people and it has acted as a voice for people who have had polio for over half a century

Thomas Fetterman Inc

Greetings! My name is Thomas Fetterman and I've been using crutches since I had Polio 47 years ago. In 1988, I invented and patented a new crutch tip technology with a built-in shock absorbing system. They are now available in two sizes; the original larger Performance tip and the smaller Tornado tip. Just about everyone who has tried them has become a dedicated customer. To date more than 60,000 pairs have been sold. Why not experience the difference for yourself?
In 1991 I met Woody Witte, owner of Enabling Technologies. They design and build the best outriggers, flipskis and aluminum crutches available under the Superlite™ trademark. Together we offer Superlite Crutches accessorized with my patented Tornado / Performance gel filled crutch tips, Performance Gel Handgrips , Padded Leather Cuff Inserts and Spats Door Guards in a full range of anodized colors.
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