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Claire Ann's Site - A Transplant Patient's Story

My name is Claire and I am 26 years of age. I have created this website for several reasons. I want to let friends and others know about me and my life as a kidney transplant patient, my family, and my fantastic superb husband Jamie, who I love to bits! We got married on the 16th June 2001 and had a wonderful day!

Kidney Cancer UK

KCUK is registered as a private limited company (Kidney Cancer UK Limited, company number 3918876) and is a registered charity (number 1089119). It holds quarterly national meetings and an annual general meeting, organises educational events, publishes a Newsletter every two months and occasional information leaflets, provides an Internet discussion forum, and regularly updates its website with essential information of interest to kidney cancer patients and carers, medical professionals and scientific researchers. A telephone helpline is also available (024 7647 4993) seven days a week between 9.30am and 9.00pm. A chat room is open every Sunday between 8 and 9pm. Every month or so we are joined in the chat room by a leading kidney cancer specialist, who will be pleased to answer questions.

Kidney Patient Guide

This website provides information for renal patients, their partners and families, health care professionals and anyone else who is interested in kidney disease. It includes information not only on physical aspects of kidney failure - how the kidneys function, what happens when they donít, and the treatments available - but also on wider issues such as emotional, social and financial implications. The site is designed primarily with a UK focus but will be of value to anyone who is affected by the condition. We hope that visitors will find it a useful source of information and support, and that it will provide an opportunity for renal patients, carers and family to share their experiences and points of view.

National Kidney Federation

The NKF is the only UK chariety run BY Kidney patients FOR kidney patients. Its aim is to promote, throughout the United Kingdom, the welfare of persons suffering from kidney Disease or Renal failure and those relatives and friends who care for them.

NHS Organ Donor Net - UK

Over 5000 people in the UK are currently waiting for an organ transplant that could dramatically improve - or even save - their life. Many people die each year before getting the transplant they need. By choosing to carry a donorcard or joining the NHS Organ Donor Register, you could help make sure life goes on.

Renal Registry - UK

The UK Renal Registry was established by the Renal Association with support from the Department of Health, the British Association of Paediatric Nephrologists, and the British Transplant Society, as a resource for the development of patient care in renal disease.

Renal UK

Jim's Kidney Information Page was designed to provide information to Kidney Patients but especially those, who like me have searched the web for UK based information and found very little UK based information. In 1999, I decided to reorganise my kidney information pages, and give them a new look and name; Renal UK. WHAT? RenalUK exists to provide information, support, and an online presence for individuals in the UK who are in any way affected by Kidney Failure or a related problem.

Royal Cornwall Hospital Renal Units Patients and Carers Web Site

This web site is for patients with Renal (Kidney) Failure and who live in Cornwall.
If you are a new dialysis patient we hope you will find this site informative and reassuring.
If you are already on dialysis and want to check procedures or seek out further information we hope you will find that this site provides a useful guide.

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Renal Unit

The Edinburgh Renal Unit provides a renal service for the population of the Lothian and Borders region, about 850,000 people. In addition, from the Royal Infirmary a Renal Transplant service is provided to Lothian, the Borders, Fife, and Tayside, a population of 1.8 million, and a Liver Transplant service for the whole of Scotland. Pancreatic transplantation has been undertaken in Edinburgh since 2000.

Strength for Living

This website aims to provide clear, comprehensive information for those who would like to find out more about anaemia in kidney failure. Whether you are a patient, a carer or a relative of someone with kidney failure, or simply interested in the area, we hope you will find the answers to your questions.

The Kidney Patientsí Library - Wales

Welcome to the first information library designed for people with kidney disease, their families, friends and carers. It has been developed by the staff of the Nephrology & Transplant Directorate at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff in conjunction with members of Welsh Kidney Patients Association aided by the generous support of Novartis Pharmaceuticals

The National Kidney Research Fund

Our Mission To improve the health and well being of individuals living with kidney and related diseases. Achieving Our Mission Funding Research Improving the understanding of kidney and related diseases, its causes, treatment and management. Caring for Patients Working towards the relief of people with kidney and related diseases Raising Awareness of Kidney Disease Informing and updating patients, their families and carers, the general public and health professionals about kidney and related diseases and the needs of those affected.

The Renal Association

The Renal Association is the professional association of nephrologists (renal physicians) and renal scientists in the UK. It is active in ....

UK Transplant Site

A Special Health Authority working within the NHS to support Transplant Units throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

ULTRA - In 12 Languages

This page explains something about organ transplantation, organ donation by living donors and the role and responsibilities of the Unrelated Live Transplant Regulatory Authority (ULTRA). It also touches on some of the things your doctors will discuss with you if you are considering being a living donor and of the potential benefits to the person receiving the organ - the recipient.
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