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Links: Repetitive Strain Injury - Medical Condition

Amara's RSI Page

I am not medical professional. This essay is based on my own experiences as an injured person, only.

Computers Can be a Real Pain

If you're like a lot of kids, you're probably spending a lot of time sitting at the computer, doing schoolwork or playing games. But whether you're writing a report about aardvarks or zapping alien beings, using a computer can affect different parts of your body, like your hands, wrists, back, and eyes. You'll want to keep these parts as healthy as possible now so you can be in good shape for the cyberspace century. Keep reading and you'll learn how.

Deborah Quilter's RSI Help

Excellent site - very comprehensive site that is updated frequendy.

Harvard RSI Action Home Page

This web page is written and maintained by students. We are not doctors, and do not have any medical training. While every attempt is made to keep this page up-to-date with the best medical advice we have received, it is not a substitute for obtaining professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. While it is sometimes difficult to find doctors with knowledge and experience with RSI, this should never prevent you from seeing a doctor. Finding a doctor with the proper experience is well worth the effort.

Los Angeles RSI Support Group

This is the home page of the LA RSI Support Group. We feature information about our meetings and about RSI (repetitive strain injury). These potentially disabling soft tissue injuries are often referred to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but, unfortunately, CTS is just one of many repetitive strain injuries. Hopefully you'll inform yourself about RSI so that it doesn't 'happen' to you. If you're already having problems, please don't ignore them and hope they'll go away. Learn what steps you can take to prevent further damage to your irreplaceable hands and arms.

Maltron Special Keyboards

Welcome to the MALTRON KEYBOARDS website. Here you can find out about our revolutionary keyboard range that enables RSI sufferers and people with special needs to use computers without strain or injury


RSI -UK is an online support group (mailing list) for people with RSI.This site is maintained by Andrew McFarland on behalf of the RSI UK mailing list. It is hosted by Loud-n-Clear Ltd, who also host the mailing list free of charge.

Typing Injuries (FAQs)

The Typing Injury FAQ (frequently asked questions) is an educational site, provided by the CTD Resource Network, Inc., containing a wide variety of information about repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), resources for dealing with these ailments, and a broad description of assistive products to reduce injury risk and symptoms.

United Kingdom - The Repetitive Strain Injury Association

Here you will find probably the most comprehensive range of information available regarding all aspects of RSI - causes, treatments, research findings, legal issues and much more. We aim to make this site the first stop for information about issues related to RSI. Over the coming months we will continue to add more pages to our site, including a database of current research on RSI. Do visit us regularly for the latest updates.
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