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AIM - Italian Spinal Cord Inury Site

In Italian/EnglishItalian Spinal Cord Injury.
Cos'è l'aim (e come contattarci), cos'è una lesione al midollo spinale e quali sono le speranze di guarigione

Australia - Quadriplegic Association

AQA was formed in September 1967 to provide suitable accommodation for young people with severe spinal cord injuries. Since that time the services provided have expanded as the need and opportunity arose. They are now extended to include all people with severe physical disabilities.


DANGERWOOD places individuals with spinal cord injuries and other forms of paralysis in a position to help themselves and others with the many problems that result from these conditions. DANGERWOOD facilitates a meeting of the minds and enables much of the disabled community to freely communicate in an organized manner regarding these issues.

Denmark - Paraplegikerkredsen (PK)

Also in English/GermanParaplegikerkredsen (PK) er en specialkreds i Dansk Handicap Forbund (DHF), og er den landsdækkende interesseorganisation for alle para- og tetraplegikere.
PK er brugerstyret og ledes af en bestyrelse, hvor alle er rygmarvsskadede. Vores medlemmer er rygmarvsskadede, pårørende, behandlere samt andre med interesse i vores sag.

The Danish Spinal Cord Injuries Association is an organisation of and for people with spinal cord injuries, their relatives, professionals and others. The Association is based on empowerment and run voluntarily by members with spinal cord injuries. There are more than 900 members from the whole of Denmark, and the Association is part of The National Association of Disabled in Denmark (DHF).

G.O.A.L.S., Inc. (Go Out And Live Successfully!)

The primary focus of G.O.A.L.S., Inc. is to provide spinal cord injured individuals with opportunities for:
Achieving greater mobility and independence, Improving access to the non- handicapped environment,
Maintaining personal dignity.
A secondary focus for G.O.A.L.S., Inc. is to assist agencies serving individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Military Veteran Benefit Options

The U.S. is seeing a growing number of seniors who are also armed services veterans. The current median age for living Americans who served in the Korean War is 69. The Vietnam veteran population makes for a new crop of seniors with special needs – including medical issues that sometimes do not present until years later. The latest U.S. Census brief puts the number of veterans over 65 at over 12.4 million. If you have served in the military during wartime, chances are that you’ve taken advantage of education programs, career resources, and home loans available to you. But while those life issues may be behind you, there is a host of other resources to know about in your retirement years.

National Spine Cord Injury Association

The NSCIA has many chapters throughout the United States. Some members have physical disabilities while others do not. Chapter members participate in a variety of activities. They work with local and national officials and agencies to develop better programs and services and act as community advocates for improved access, housing, transportation, employment, and leisure time activities for disabled people. Peer support and other services are also provided. These are fundamental aspects of living that 500,000 people with spinal cord injuries or diseases must cope with after they have been rehabilitated and have returned to community life.


Paralinks Electronic magazine covers all aspects of living life with spinal cord injuries.

Paralized Veterans of American

Information for veterans and others with spinal cord injury or disease, family members, and professionals. Includes news, membership information, and a wide variety of excellent publications.


Our mission is to provide mainstream, complementary and recreational therapeutic services that develop independent living skills for individuals who have experienced spinal cord injury and related nervous system disorders.

Spinal Cord Injury Resource Centre

. A vast amount of information helping to explain basic anatomy, physiology, and the complications resulting from a spinal cord injury.


SpinalCord.com is an online resource for patients of brain and spinal cord injuries and their families. Find everything you need to learn more about a new injury, locate a doctor or treatment center, or discover legal consultation to support you through this difficult time.

The Spinal Cord Injury Network International

The Spinal Cord Injury Network International (SCINI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating access to quality health care by providing information and referral services to spinal-cord-injured individuals and their families.


A cure for spinal cord injury is out there and here at WalkOnceMore, we are determined to help that cure arrive sooner. We are committed to financially supporting the most promising curative advances World-wide. This will help to hasten the time period from laboratories to humans, helping the injured to cast aside their wheelchairs as soon as possible. Putting an end to the permanence of this devastating injury will result in hundreds of thousands, the World over, being freed from a life of paralysis, pain and loss of independence.
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