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Andy's Spinal Injury Web Site

On July 16th 1994, my life took a dramatic turn, I had a low speed fall from a mountain bike, which left me with a broken neck at the C2,3 and 4 vertebrae and total body paralysis. I was completely paralysed from the neck down fighting for my life


ASPIRE - the Association for Spinal Injury Research, Rehabilitation and Reintegration - works with people with spinal cord injury to create opportunity, choice and independence.

Back Up Trust

Our aim is to enable individuals who have suddenly been paralysed through spinal cord injury to regain motivation, inspiration and independence through outdoor activities and sports.

Brain & Spinal Injury Charity

BASIC is based at the regional Neurosciences Centre in Greater Manchester. Specialising in trauma and dealing with life or death cases, the centre treats conditions such as brain haemorrhage, brain tumour, severe head and spinal injuries and other conditions affecting the brain and spine.
Since 1986 the charity has been raising funding for research into the brain and more recently we have extended our services to include support and information for those recovering from these life threatening conditions.

Jasper's Spinal Column

Welcome to my little spot on the web, my name is Steve, but to my friends I'm know as Jasper. This site is dedicated to making life easier, by showing you how I've learned to adapt to with life after my accident. If there is anything that you feel I could add to increase the popularity and use of the site, let me know. Remember though that the views I express are just mine, and I don't pretend to know all the answers.

Kev's Web

I'm not going too bore you too much with this.I was brought into this world on the 2nd April 1968,the first child of Brian and Margaret.I was soon followed by my brother Mark then sister Anne-Margaret.We were born and bred in a lovely town in Central Scotland called Stirling.

Roy Windsor's Web Site

Roy Winsor offers a sympathetic and knowledgeable ear for friends and relatives of people who've experienced spinal cord injury. As someone who has suffered a high level spinal cord injury himself, Roy is is in a unique position to support all those concerned. Roy can help with by providing advice, a clear understanding of the way forward, from community liaison to relations, and peace of mind. Check out this website or give him a call.

Spinal Injuries - Scotland

Spinal Injuries Scotland is the national voluntary organisation concerned with new and long-term spinal cord injured people, their relatives and friends, along with those involved in the management, care and rehabilitation of the injury.

Spinal Injuries Association

We are the national organisation of spinal cord injured people. We represent all their interests regardless of how the impairment occurred, whether or not it has resulted in full or partial paralysis.

Spinal Injury Net Message Board

- Very easy to format posts with predefined buttons to achieve most formatting tasks. - A huge range of Emoticons - Sticky + News Topics that stay at the top of the list - You can edit and preview your posts at the same time - Adding pictures is so much easier - The ability to create polls for those so important ranking topics! - Instant messaging to other users

Spinal Research

Spinal Research is the only charity based in the U.K, which is dedicated to funding research on an international scale with the sole aim of ending the permanence of paralysis caused by spinal cord injury


This site has been created by the independent living team at Stewarts Solicitors. It provides over 400 links to web sites relating to Spinal Cord Injury as well as regular updates, news and information on SCI issues.

The National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed

The National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed uses exercise therapy to rebuild lives shattered by paralysis.

The Centre treats people with a variety of conditions from spinal cord injury paraplegia and tetraplegia to MS, stroke, spina bifida and brain damage.

This programme gives them a real prospect of taking greater control over their bodies and their lives.


A cure for spinal cord injury is out there and here at WalkOnceMore, we are determined to help that cure arrive sooner. We are committed to financially supporting the most promising curative advances World-wide. This will help to hasten the time period from laboratories to humans, helping the injured to cast aside their wheelchairs as soon as possible. Putting an end to the permanence of this devastating injury will result in hundreds of thousands, the World over, being freed from a life of paralysis, pain and loss of independence.
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