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Alberta & NWT - Heart and Stroke Foundation

To lead in funding heart and stroke research, providing public information and advocacy, and promoting healthy lifestyles

Canadian Heart/Stroke Foundation

Welcome to the Heart and Stroke Foundation - your most reliable source of information about heart, stroke and healthy living in Canada.

European Stroke Initiative

European Stroke Initiative - reducing the incidence and impact of a stroke

Mediterranean Stroke Society

The Society was estasblished in 1995 and held its first general assembly in Prague, during the Congress "Heart and Brain"3rd International Congress on Stroke. There are currently 173 members from Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Greece,Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia,Morocco. The Society is intended to encourage the links and the co-operation among neurologists and other specialists interested in cerebrovascular pathology, from all mediterranean countries, with the direct aim of reducing the incidence of the disease as well as to improve the standards of care and rehabilitation,and the quality of life of all people suffering from cerebrovasculardisease.

National Stroke Association

NSA is the only national non-profit organization in the United States devoting 100 percent of its resources to stroke through a variety of innovative and high impact programs. We provide education, services and community-based activities in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

National Stroke Research Institute

Australia is one of a number of countries undertaking major research studies into the causes and prevention of stroke. Research programs are established at the National Stroke Research Institute (NSRI) located at the Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre. The National Stroke Research Institute is a collaborative venture with the National Stroke Foundation (NSF) based in Melbourne.

Stroke Family

Hello, I'm Barbara Dean Schacker. In 1972, I began working with my father after he suffered a massive stroke. He was almost totally speechless, diagnosed as an "untreatable" global aphasic. After nine years, Daddy was only able to say 9 words. Developing a new approach and working extensively with him, I discovered ways that he could take charge of his own recovery. I showed him what to do and how he could work on his own.

Stroke Forum

StrokeForum is currently being redeveloped, and will be relaunched soon.

Stroke Information Directory

Welcome to the Stroke Information Directory! At SID, we are family members of stroke survivors hoping to help others find resources online. Stroke first "struck" our family in the mid 1980s. It struck again, with a more massive blow, in the mid 1990s, leaving the caregiver of our first survivor both paralyzed on her right side and aphasic. Fortunately, by this time, the additional information that we needed was available, on the Internet.

Stroke Network

Welcome to our network of stroke support web sites. We are glad that you found us. We are an on-line stroke support and information organization designed to help everyone in the stroke family. Our purpose is to provide support for stroke survivors and caregivers of adult stroke.
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