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Bill Parry's Stuttering Links

Bill Parry is the founder and Facilitator of the Philadelphia Area Chapter of the National Stuttering Association, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Stuttering Association and currently chair of its Advocacy Committee; and a trial lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.

Canada - l'Association des bgues du Canada

Nous sommes un organisme but non lucratif de charte fdrale francophone visant aider les personnes souffrantes de bgaiement et aussi ceux qui les ctoient. Notre objectif est de dmystifier ce qu'est le bgaiement par le biais de nos publications et de peLe bgaiement est un problme encore nonrsolu, mais il est possible de vivre une vie normale avec le bgaiement. Pour le dmystifier, il faut en parler.

Canadian Association for People Who Stutter

The Canadian Association for People Who Stutter (CAPS) is a national non-profit organization that provides coordination for a national network of autonomous Canadian self-help groups for people who stutter. Such groups offer people who stutter support and resources and are founded on the principle that as people who stutter, we have much to learn from each other - no matter what language we speak.

David Rose Home Page

David and Susan welcome you to their web page. We hope you enjoy the experience and look forward to you visiting again in the future.

Denmark - The Stuttering Information Center

ALSO IN ENGLISH. The Aim of the centre is to improve the prevention and treatment of stuttering in Denmark, and to improve conditions in general for people in Denmark who stutter. To fulfil the aim, the centre means to ensure, that speech therapists, psychologists, stutterers and parents of stuttering children, public social workers, pre-school teachers, school teachers, employers, and others in Denmark will receive up-to-date knowledge about stuttering and the treatment of stuttering. The way to attain this goal is to systematically collect, adapt, develop and pass on knowledge about the causes, development, consequences, prevention and the treatment of stuttering.

Emery Institute

You --Yes, You -- Can Start Living a Normal Life Today! Really? You, with so much potential for bigger and better things in your life. You, with dreams about having success in your career. Yes, you can live a normal life without stuttering. You can Be Free of Stuttering! The Emery Institute of Winter Park, Florida, believes that there is normal speaking in everyone.

French Association for People who Stutter

ALSO IN ENGLISH "Press Welcome Button". Welcome in the WEB Site of the French "Association Parole-Begaiement" (Stuttering-Speech Association). The APB was created in 1992 in PARIS by Speech Language Pathologists, Persons Who Stutter and other persons concerned by stuttering, who note that very little was done in France to help people who suffer from stuttering. Some of them had gone to USA in the 80's, and came back struck by the dynamism of associations and therapy centers existing there to deal with stuttering.

German- Bundevereinigung Stottrer -Selbsthilfe e.v.

Das DEMOSTHENES-Institut ist eine 1986 gegrndete Einrichtung der Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe e.V. Es bildet den institutionellen Rahmen fr die fachlich fundierte und wissenschaftliche Arbeit innerhalb der Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe. Unter Einbeziehung von Fachleuten sollen hier Aufgaben erfllt werden, die ber die "Selbsthilfe" im engeren Sinne hinausgehen.

International Stuttering Association - ISA

We dream ... ... of a world that understands stuttering, where people who stutter will not feel the need to hide their stuttering any longer, will not be misjudged as fools, psychopaths and figures of ridicule, and that stuttering will not affect their lives negatively. More >> A world that understand stuttering, understands much more. Such world understands the meaning of tolerance. Such world knows to accept a person the way he is. This is a better world to all of us... More >> we consider a successful stutterer to be the person who has eliminated avoidance behaviors, has much willingness to communicate in all situations, advertises that he stutters, and may still have dysfluencies in his speech. More >>

Irish Stammering Association

The Irish Stammering Association is a registered Charity founded in 1994. Our aims include:- Seek better help for both children and adults who stammer. Books and Videos are available for use to members Arrange "Open Days" throughout the country Produce a newsletter twice yearly Give advice to members and the general public Research stammering Provide specialist training for students and therapist Disseminate information to professionals in the field of health Set up self-help groups for adults who stammer

National Centre for Stuttering

The National Center For Stuttering was established in 1976. Its purposes are: 1. To provide up-to-date factual information about stuttering. 2. To provide a National Stutterer's Hotline. 3. To treat small groups of selected individuals who stutter. 4. To provide continuing education for speech pathologists. 5. To conduct research into the causes and treatment of stuttering. The Center conducts its therapeutic, research and training activities in various cities across the United States and Europe. For further information, call The National Stutterers' Hotline or E-Mail Executive Director

Norwegian Stammering Association

Norsk Interesseforening for Stamme (NIFS) er en landsomfattende organisasjon for stamme og andre som er interessert i stamming. Foreningen har som forml arbeide for bedre de stammes situasjon i samfunnet. NIFS er tilsluttet Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon (FFO), European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA) og The International Stuttering Association (ISA).

Russian Page for People who Stutter

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Stuttering Foundation of America

The Stuttering Foundation of America, the first nonprofit, charitable association in the world to concern itself with the prevention and improved treatment of stuttering, distributes over a million publications to the public and professionals each year. This web site has information for those who stutter and their families as well as professionals. We invite you to look over our site in the hope that we may be of service.

The Stuttering Homepage

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