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British Stammering Association

We believe that the people who best understand the needs of stammerers are stammerers themselves. Consequently our policies are decided by people who stammer and the parents of children who stammer. They are elected from the membership and serve as the Charity Trustees (Charities Act 1993, 97(1)). The Trustees carefully identify the important needs of people who stammer. As they do not always know the best way to meet these needs, a panel of specialist speech and language therapists in the UK (and selected overseas clinicians and researchers) act as advisers to the Association. Professional staff members are employed to implement the policies, assisted by volunteers from the membership.

Discrimination against people who stammer in the UK

This site looks mainly at how the United Kingdom's Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (the DDA) applies to people who stammer. The site also deals with social security benefits. "Stammering" is the same as "stuttering".

Friendship Center

FriendshipCenter is a great place to find e-mail pals from around the world who stutter. You can also find people with other disablities. This site by Thomas David Kehoe is probably the best site on the web for contacting new friends who stutter.

Jewish Stammerer's Network

The Jewish Stammerers' Network (JSN) was founded in the summer of 2002 by Rachel Albert, 53, of Golders Green with the aim of uniting stammerers around the world in friendship, understanding and support. Rachel has stammered since the age of twelve and has worked with stammerers for many years. She has been a volunteer with the British Stammering Association (BSA) for many years and was instrumental in 1991 in introducing support for children who stammer - and it was after this time that many schools were introduced to the British Stammering Association and the work that they do. She currently organises monthly social gatherings for members of the BSA and is running of a very successful Telephone Link Scheme which Rachel co-ordinates on behalf of the BSA. Until now there has been no provision in the Jewish community for people who stammer which is why Rachel has founded this organisation. This is the first and only Jewish organisation to unite stammerers around the world.

Speaking Out (Hull & East Yorkshire)

The Hull and East Yorkshire Stammerer's Self-Help Group was founded in September 1999 by Bob Hartley, Terry Turner, Peter Kissagizlis and Rob Hilton. Since its formation we have steadily grown in number and now total over 16 members. We are proud to be members of The British Stammering Association and maintain close links with the organization. We meet fortnightly on a Monday evening at The Mind Centre, 30 Percy Street, Hull this is close to Freetown Way and Northern Upholstery, the entrance to the meeting place is on the corner of Wright Street. We are a very welcoming group, any new members are made to feel at ease.

Stuttering Chat

Stuttering Chat is a Worldwide meeting place and resource for people who stutter. Through our Voice-enabled chat room and continually expanding email group, we are able to offer full friendship and support to all those who stutter and those interested in stuttering. Membership is free - to become a member, go to the 'Join' Us' section and follow the instructions given.

The Association For Research Into Stammering In Childhood

Stammering is a complicated problem which can be very distressing for children and their families. ARSC is a charity which was set up to help and our main aim is to support the specialist speech and language therapy service which is offered at the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children in London.

The Dominic Barker Trust,

The Dominic Barker Trust, a charity called Dom's Fund, has been set up for research into stammering. The fund is in memory of a witty, intelligent and much loved young man for whom the burden of stammering was so great that he took his own life. Most of us take for granted the ability to use the telephone, to ask for what we need when shopping, or to answer questions at a job interview. But people who stammer frequently struggle to make themselves understood - by those who do not recognise the difficulties and frustrations of stammering. The Dominic Barker Trust fund aims to:

The Stammer Trust

Another important feature of the Oxford treatment has been the role of its patient support group. In 1972 a group of patients so inspired by the therapy they received were allowed by the Warneford Hospital to restore a small building in the hospital grounds and turn it into a treatment centre.

The Starfish Project

Starfish - is a project for training people who stammer (stutter) to both control and gain confidence over something that has contolled them. It is not about trying to achieve the impossible of so called 'fluency' - when no one in life is fluent. It is not about striving for perfection in an imperfect world.


Typetalk is the national telephone relay service which enables deaf, deafblind, deafened, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people to enjoy the benefits of the telephone, communicating with hearing people anywhere in the world. Run by the RNID and funded by BT - it provides a direct link between the textphone user and the hearing person, as well as giving priority access to the emergency services.
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