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Clubfoot Information and Parental Support (CLIPS)

You are not alone! Children with clubfoot do exceptionally well with treatment and lead normal lives. There is a wealth of information from reliable medical sources to assist you in learning about clubfoot and making informed decisions about your child. There are other parents who would like to hear your child’s story and share with you mutual support.

Dr Foot - Club Foot

INTRODUCTION Clubfoot is a congenital foot condition, which affects approximately 1 out of every 1000 births in the United Kingdom. However, prevalence of this condition is twice as more in males then females. The deformity can be mild or severe and it can affect one foot or both feet. As many as 50% of cases are bilateral (both feet are affected). Club Foot is sometimes confused with other congenital foot defects, such as Calcaneovalgus and Metatarsus adductus. These deformities are caused by the

France - Le Pied Bot Varus Équin

Soyez les Bienvenus sur notre site personnel concernant uniquement le Pied Bot Varus Équin idiopathique, car les autres pieds bots sont la conséquence d'une maladie, et la prise en charge est différente. Nous l’avons conçu pour vous apporter les réponses que nous n’avions pas trouvées sur la toile. En effet, Notre fils est né en octobre 2000, avec les 2 pieds bots, comme sa maman d’ailleurs. Notre objectif est d’informer et de rassurer les personnes qui se trouvent confrontées à ce problème. Pour ce faire, nous avons recueilli des témoignages de parents, interviewé des intervenants médicaux référents en la matière.

Germany - Gesundheitspilot

Unter dem Suchbegriff "Klumpfuß" erhält man zwei Treffer: Ein Dokument mit sehr ausführlichen Informationen rund um die Behandlung von Klumpfüßen und im Lexikon eine kurze Definition zu KF.

Germany - Julias Homepage

Hallo und herzlich willkommen auf unserer kleinen Homepage.
Auf dieser Page wollen wir versuchen unsere Erfahrungen und Informationen über Klumpfuss (Pes. equino varus) weiterzugeben.
Jedoch möchte ich gleich von vornherein deutlich machen, dass nicht jeder Fuß gleich ist.

Jacob's Story

Personal site: A Mum's very honest account of her experiences.

Kelly's Clubfoot Friends

The families here have all gone through treatment to correct their child's clubfoot using the Ponseti Method. A good portion of the families started off using a different method and later switched to the Ponseti Method, usually after progress stalled and/or surgery was recommended. They have graciously agreed to be listed as contacts for other families in their area looking for someone near them to talk to about their experiences. I extend to them my most sincere gratitude, and I hope that this site will help new clubfoot families in their quest for non-surgical treatment

My Life with Clubfoot

Personal site - Jeremy, aged 7, tells his own story.

National Birth Defect Registry

We provide comprehensive fact sheets about birth defects, as well as other information. If your child was born with a birth defect, we provide parent matching opportunities and information resources, including books and links. If you are researching birth defects, we have an area to get you started. Learn more about us and how we started, our projects and services, or participate in the National Birth Defect Registry.

One List Clubfoot

A support group for parents of children with clubfoot/feet, people with clubfoot/feet or anyone needing support on this topic.

Parents Palace

A message board comprising of more than 150 messages from parents about 'clubfoot' and their experiences and questions.

Personal Site - Alexander's Feet

We are Kathryn and David and our children are Christopher James, born January 29, 1996 and Alexander Edward born July 18, 1998. We also have Emerald the cat, who keeps her distance from the boys. We live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, which is one of the cities on the outskirts of Toronto. Thanks for stopping by!!

Talipes Information And Parental Support Group

T.I.P.S. is a support group based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. TIPS is run by parents whose children have, or had, Talipes. There is a bi-monthly newsletter which gives information for parents and a monthly play group meeting for parents and children on an informal basis. TIPS members support each other through the difficult times such as initial diagnosis and surgery.

To Parents of Children Born with Clubfeet

A document teaching parents how to treat their children born with clubfeet, aimed at the public. Taken from the Iowa Health Book, a part of the University of Iowa’s Virtual Hospital.

Welcome to NHS Direct Online

Introduction Clubfoot, medically known as talipes, is a foot deformity present at birth (a congenital deformity) affecting the shape or position of one or both feet. About one child in 1000 is born with talipes, and twice as many boys have it as girls. The most common form of club foot is known as ‘equinovarus’.
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