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ALDA (late-deafened adults)

ALDA was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1987. Most of those that gathered there were total strangers who had never met or talked to another deafened person, yet they found themselves wonderfully comfortable with one another. There was an unspoken feeling of understanding and patience with each other's communication difficulties. The marvelous sense of fellowship lasted and led to more social gatherings and self help support groups, which swiftly evolved into the Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA). Today, ALDA's membership is international in scope. ALDA works collaboratively with other organizations around the world serving the needs of late-deafened people and extends a welcome to everyone, late deafened or not, who supports our goals.

American Tinnitus Association

The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) is the national champion of tinnitus awareness, prevention, and treatment. Under its guiding principles — Education, Advocacy, Research, and Support — the ATA offers prevention programs in schools, urges governmental and private organizations to support hearing conservation, funds the nation’s brightest researchers, and facilitates self-help groups around the country.

Australia - The Tinnitus Association of Victoria

The Tinnitus Association of Victoria is a non-profit volunteer organisation providing a support network for tinnitus sufferers and their families. Tinnitus can be extremely debilitating, affecting peoples' abilities to work or cope with normal life activities. People with tinnitus usually display frequent mood swings, depression, anxiety attacks, irritability, frustration, poor concentration and sleep problems.

Austria - Österreichischen Tinnitus-Liga

Grüß Gott! Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Interesse an der Homepage der Österreichischen Tinnitus-Liga. Wir wünschen Ihnen eine aufschlußreiche Lesereise auf unserer Site!

Denmark - Tinnitus Site

Oversætterens forord. Tinnitus er en meget generende lidelse. Der er et stort behov for information, forskning og behandlingsmæssige tiltag på området. Vi vil gerne bidrage til dette. Derfor har vi på høreinstituttet på Falsterskolen taget initiativ til udgivelsen af dette hæfte på dansk.

Finland - Kuulonhuoltoliitto/Hörselsvårdsförbundet

In Finnish and English Kuulonhuoltoliitto/Hörselsvårdsförbundet
The Finnish Federation of Hard of Hearing represents the interests of hard of hearing and deafened adult persons and their families. The hard of hearing means all people who have a hearing loss and whose usual means of communication is by speech. FFHOH is a national organisation with 8 districts and 90 local associations and it has 16 000 members in Finland.

France - France Acouphenes

Association « loi 1901 » de personnes souffrant d’acouphènes (sifflements ou bourdonnements d’oreille), et d’hyperacousie (intolérance au bruit). Totalement indépendante, FRANCE ACOUPHÈNES est animée par des bénévoles souffrant eux-mêmes de ces deux pathologies. FRANCE ACOUPHÈNES existe depuis 1992.

Hearing Health Magazine

HEARING HEALTH is a one-of-a-kind magazine designed for people who experience any degree of hearing loss, tinnitus, or other ear disorder. Professionals, educators, and significant others also find HEARING HEALTH a useful resource as they seek ways to improve communication. From the dangers of loud noise to training hearing dogs to the controversy surrounding sign language vs. oral communication and cochlear implants, this unique publication covers a range of topics important for living with hearing impairment and deafness.

Mike Cohen's Site

I am a small child in bed with the flu. It is quiet now, time to go to sleep - yet impossible. Bedtime, and I am hearing a slight ringing in my right ear. I put my finger in my ear, but the noise continues. Cup the ear; still nothing stops the sound. [A train whistle somewhere in the distance distracts me - but only for an instant.

Netherlands - Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Commissie van de NVVS

Een aantal mensen die slechthorend zijn, heeft ook last van tinnitus. Dit is een ooraandoening waarbij mensen in één of beide oren geluiden horen die niet van buiten afkomstig zijn. Het lawaai kan een gerinkel of geklingel zijn, zoals de letterlijke vertaling luidt van het Latijnse woord tinnire, waar de naam tinnitus aan is ontleend. Maar iemand kan ook last hebben van suizen, zoemen, sissen of fluiten. Soms hoort men het geluid van klokken, bellen, wind- en zeegeluiden. Ook komt het voor dat men diergeluiden hoort, met name krekelgeluiden en tsjilpen. Het geluid is meestal voortdurend aanwezig, hoog of laag, hard of zacht, of afwisselend hard en zacht.

Sweden - Tinnitus Regionförening Västra Götaland

Välkommen till Tinnitusföreningarna i Sverige

The Australian Tinnitus Association (NSW) Ltd

The Australian Tinnitus Association (NSW) Ltd is a non-profit company established in Sydney in December 1984 and is supported by the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service. ATA's mission is to provide information, support and counselling to tinnitus sufferers and preventative education to the wider community.

The Canadian Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Centre

The Canadian Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Centre was established in March 1997 as the first of its kind in Canada. The Centre focuses exclusively on helping patients in the management of their tinnitus & hyperacusis.

The Tinnitus Association of Canada

The Tinnitus Association of Canada is a non-profit organization, operated on a voluntary basis by people who have tinnitus. We have searched out practical information on ways of reducing the distress of chronic head and ear noises and we want to share what we have found with others

Tinnitus Online Support

Some of the best help comes from other people who've been there. These pages are an attempt to aid online communication between people with tinnitus. They're oriented to English-speakers, though I have listed some German- and French- language tinnitus resources.
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