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Birmingham & District Support Group

We are a tinnitus self help group based in Birmingham in the heart of England.

British Tinnitus Association

We are a national registered charity providing information, support and advice to people with tinnitus and those with and interest in the condition. Visit our site for more details.

Dorset Hearing & Tinnitus Association

A FIRST FOR DORSET to allow anyone with a hearing or tinnitus problem or query to find out the facts, even learn how to cope with these hidden disabilities. No need any longer to go away bemused by technical jargon. We can explain in a relaxed atmosphere, over a coffee or tea, how to go on enjoying all those things you thought were lost to you.

Hear It

One of the most common impairments in the world Hearing problems are extremely common. Worldwide, 500 million are hard of hearing.

Hi Kent

Hi Kent offers a range of useful services accessible to all: professionals, carers and family as well as deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

Hull Tinnitus Self-Help Group

"If I'd known this earlier it would have saved a lot of grief". Comment from a contact.
We know how you feel because we have been there!

Menieries Society (UK)

These are the symptoms of Ménière's disease. If you have this condition, the Ménière's Society (UK) can help you with information and support.

NHS Direct Online

NHS Direct Online Please use the navigation on the right hand side of the website to view sections and topics in the area you have chosen. Please note the information within these sections may contain links to external websites and sources of information. NHS Direct Online cannot be held responsible for the content or the nature of the information on these sites.

T- Generation

My name is Danny Bowden, this is my site designed to help those of you who have the same problem as me - the constant ringing in my ears from excessive club going. Please have a look around my site, hopefully it can show you what Tinnitus is like, how to prevent it, how to deal with it and to educate you about the condition.

The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre

This site is all about tinnitus (and hyperacusis) retraining therapy. TRT for short. In the 1980s Pawel Jastreboff, a neuroscientist, now working in Atlanta, worked out the correct mechanism of tinnitus. Until then, all the accounts of tinnitus in textbooks said it was due to ear damage which couldn't be fixed. That is what many people and professionals still believe.
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