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Tourette Syndrome is an inherited, neurological disorder characterised by repeated and involuntary body movements (tics) and uncontrollable vocal sounds. The Tourett Syndrome (UK) Association maintains a register of physicians with knowledge and experience of this problem and provides support and guidance for sufferers and their families.

PILS Self Help Group S233 - Tourette Syndrome (UK) Association

Scottish Informative Website

Touette Syndrome Support - Contact Page

I am NOT an expert - I am simply a Mum, whose experience and knowledge of TS is limited. What I know about TS is available on this site. If you have any questions about Tourette Syndrome, please use the following....

Tourette Scotland

Try to think how they must feel “I started blinking my eyes a lot. Like twenty times a minute sometimes. My mum and dad thought I needed glasses. I got some but the doctor thought the blinking was just a habit. My eyes kept blinking. I couldn’t stop them. The glasses didn’t help. My shoulders would go up and down too, like I was shrugging them. I would roll my head. I just told people my neck was tired and I was stretching.”

Tourette Syndrome (UK) Association

Members include individuals with the disorder, their relatives, health professionals and other interested, concerned people. The Association, which was founded in 1980, develops and disseminates educational material to individuals, professionals and to agencies in the fields of health care, education and government; co-ordinates Family Networking and other services to help people and their families to cope with the problems that occur with TS; assists with the funding of research that will ultimately find the cause of and cure for TS and, at the same time, lead to improved medications and treatments.

Tourette Syndrome Hub

Tourette Syndrome Hub

Tourette Syndrome Support - Finding a Doctor

The question is frequently asked in the Discussion Forum or via e-mail "Where can I find a doctor?" Sadly, most General Practioners have very limited and often inaccurate knowledge about Tourette Syndrome. The TSA publish a list of

Tourette Syndrome Support - Information

Tourette Syndrome is a neurobiological condition that causes tics. For the vast majority, it is “mild”, and there are no problems other than tics.

Tourette Syndrome Support - News

Please let me have news of what’s going on nationally, or in your area. Send me your stories, poems etc - please make it clear whether you'd like them published on the Life & Strife page or not, and if so, whether you'd like to remain anonymous

Tourette Syndrome Support UK

This website will no longer be updated (not been updated since November 2002), but will remain online for now. I apologise for any dead links. The discussion forum remains active.

Tourette Syndrome Support UK Discussion Forum

Tourette Syndrome Support UK Forum


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