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Protecting The Population From Infection

The PHLS protects the population from infection by working with others to control and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We help infected patients by identifying the organism that is causing their disease and by providing expert advice and treatment. We help public health professionals by providing information and evidence-based guidelines.


Two hundred years ago one death in four in the UK was caused by tuberculosis. It was the greatest killer the country had ever seen. Though the poor were the worst affected, every section of society had its victims, among the most notable being the three Brontė sisters, and other literary giants such as Keats, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Walter Scott. For the next 150 years it remained a serious scourge and as recently as 1950, 50,000 cases were being notified each year in England and Wales. By the end of the 1950s BCG, the vaccine against tuberculosis and more importantly successful drug therapy had begun to reduce case numbers sharply. By 1987 only 5,700 cases were notified.

The North West Tuberculosis Nurses Forum

The North West TB Nurses Assocaition consists of nurses who specialise in the prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis in the North West of England. The association meet every two months, at a different venue in the North West, to update their knowledge, meet colleagues, organise events such as local study days and look ahead to future developments in the field. For further information about the TB Nurse Assocaition, or to address anxieties or worries, contact your nearest hospital for the name and address of your local TB Nurse, or refer to the list below.

The Wellcome Trust - The Sanger Institute

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a genome research centre set up in 1992 by the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council in order to further our knowledge of genomes, and in particular to play a substantial role in the sequencing and interpretation of the human genome. This information will underpin research on human biology and disease in this century and beyond.

Tuberculosis - Department of Health

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. Tb), also called 'the tubercle bacillus'.

UK GovTalk -GCL

Welcome to the new Govtalk website. We hope you will like the new design and find it easier to find your way around the site. The purpose of this site is to enable the Public Sector, Industry and other interested participants to work together to develop and agree policies and standards for e-government. This is achieved through the UK GovTalk consultation processes. The site is divided broadly into two areas:

United Kingdom - Public Health Laboratory Service Board

The Public Health Laboratory Service Board is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body established as a body corporate under the NHS Act 1977. It is accountable to the Secretary of State for Health (England) and the (First Minister in Wales). The organisation administered by the Public Health Laboratory Service Board is formally known as "The Public Health Laboratory Service".
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