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Endcrine Online

Welcome to an information site covering some medical conditions in the field of endocrinology. On this site we have collected information sheets designed for both patients and doctors that have been developed for use in a specialist hospital clinic. While it is not possible to provide medical advice to individuals, we would be happy to receive comments on this material and suggestions for additional content.

EQUIP - Hormone Disorders

Welcome to this gateway to quality health and social care information for UK patients, their families and carers. Help yourself to find out about risks, symptoms and treatment options where to seek support and advice (in UK) information for the West Midlands This website has been created with the involvement of medical staff and patient groups throughout.

Faculty of Medicine, Health & Biological Sciences New Generation Project

The New Generation Project is committed to developing a robust research and evaluation framework to encompass the this significant educational change process. At this early stage work is underway to put in place appropriate arrangements to support the development of the framework. As the work progresses so we will share our learning with a wider audience via the website and through publication and presentations. For further information contact

Genetic Interest Group

Harlow Printing Limited

Harlow Printing Ltd Produce UK growth charts and UK Turner Syndrome growth charts.

Harlow Printing Ltd - Turner Syndrome

This service is provided by Harlow Printing Limited in support of Health For All Children 4th Edition. Within the site you will find the supporting documentation and references detailed in the publication. The HFAC4 menu also provides the opportunity to submit articles articles, suggested reading and feedback relevant to the book. Buy your copy of Health For All Children 4th Edition online by visiting the shop, and see a complete range of child health related products. If you wish to be advised when new information has been added please click here to subscribe to our mailing list.

Raising Kids

Raisingkids.co.uk - your online parenting magazine - offers support, information, and friendship to everyone who's raising kids - whatever your circumstances or income. Find out more about us

Turner Syndrome Society of the United States - Worlwide Organizations

Worldwide Organizations

UK - Turner Syndrome Support Society

National Site of the United Kingdom. Our aim is to offer support, advice, & information to girls and adult women with Turner Syndrome, their families and friends, Site contains News Updates, Information, Regional Sites, Links Page.

University Of Southampton - School Of Medicine

The primary mission of Human Genetics (HG) is the characterisation of genetic diversity relevant to human disease. The strengths of the Division lie in the diversity of expertise and ongoing research combined with well equipped laboratories, all of which permit comprehensive, integrated research in human genetics. The research strategy of the Division is based upon the strengths of its three component units.

Welcome to NHS Direct Online - Turner Syndrome

NHS Direct Online Health Encyclopaedia Turner's syndrome
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