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Center for Research on Women with Disabilities

The Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD) is a research center that focuses on issues related to health, aging, civil rights, abuse, and independent living. CROWD`s purpose is to promote, develop, and disseminate information to expand the life choices of women with disabilities so that they may fully participate in community life. More specifically, researchers develop and evaluate models for interventions to address specific problems effecting women with disabilities.


The National womens Heath Information Centre. a Project of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Womens Health.

Allison Browns Research Homepage for Older Women with Disabilities

A personal home page with a variety of general resources about health issues and disability.


The Internet Magazine for the disAbled woman. The `dis` is small, it`s the Ability that Counts". Quarterly internet magazine for disabled women worldwide

DisAbled Womens Network Canada (DAWN)

DAWN is a national (Canadian) feminist, cross-disability organization. Its website is devoted primarily to information about the organization and its e-mail discussion group. Canadian visitors should also check out its list of provincial groups, such as DAWN Ontario.


Women with disabilities are often at a double disadvantage. They sometimes face discrimination against both their gender and their disability. Fortunately, there are organizations and resources to help raise awareness and overcome this. Being a woman with a disability is not just about experiencing discrimination - it`s also about being proud of who you are, and celebrating your identity.

Feminist Majority Foundation

Women with disabilities face double discrimination--discrimination based on gender and discrimination based disability. Women of color who are disabled face yet a third type of discrimination...The limited available statistics suggest that economically, socially, and psychologically, women with disabilities fare considerably worse than either women who are nondisabled or men who are disabled. (Women and Disability Awareness Project, 1989).


Trailblazers is a nationwide organisation of young disabled and non-disabled campaigners. We want people aged 16-30 to join the fight to improve services for people living with muscle disease.

Women and Disability Resources

These are social, academic, activist, and just-for-fun online resources I`ve collected on women and disability. If you know of any on-line web or gopher resources on women and disability that I can include on this page, please e-mail me*.

Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA

This web site of an Australian organization run for and by women with disabilities is packed with information and resources of interest to an international audience. Check out the reports, articles, and papers; poetry and stories; issue-oriented sections; and much, much more.
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