Dorottya Gallery

Dorottya Gallery

1051 - Budapest (Pest)
Dorottya utca 8.
Budapest Hungary
Tel: (1) 266-0877
Fax: (1) 266-0877
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This is a list that contains such particulars of the museums, which can be useful for the people with limited physical capabilities.

The idea of making the first occurred to us when we tried to find some information about a Hungarian museum on the web. We then decided to try and provide more information to all potential visitors, involving the handicapped who are sometimes constrained to turn back from the museum gate, or instead of enjoying the exhibition - to watch out for the obstacles standing in their way.

The Dorottya Gallery is located in the centre of Budapest, 80 metres from Vörösmarty Square and the famous Gerbeaud Café, on the ground floor of a house designed by István Medgyaszay. The gallery with glass display window stretching its entire length has been a site for presenting contemporary art for close to one hundred years. Since the year 2000, the gallery is under the direction of the Ernst Museum and is operated as a public interest company. Exhibitions are organised primarily for Hungarian contemporary fine and applied artists, but there are opportunities for foreign artists to be presented once or twice annually.

The presentation of works of the middle generation of Hungarian contemporary artists is considered the chief task of the gallery. The volumes of the Dorottya book series, closely related to the exhibition programme, render the oeuvres of these artists more widely known.

The inclusion of younger, talented artists who manifest an original voice and a coherent artistic oeuvre, alongside the artist generation with an already significant past, colours more vividly the exhibition programme.

In accordance with the economic profile of the Dorottya Gallery, the exhibited works may also be purchased.

Please check with vendor for all aspects of the information displayed here as the cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or omissions. We will do our outmost to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible, if you have any comments please email us with the information.

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