Painter János Czencz Memorial Museum

Painter János Czencz Memorial Museum

7149 - Báta (Tolna)
Fõ út 17.
Bata Hungary
Tel: (74) 490-704
web : Painter János Czencz Memorial Museum

This is a list that contains such particulars of the museums, which can be useful for the people with limited physical capabilities.

The idea of making the first occurred to us when we tried to find some information about a Hungarian museum on the web. We then decided to try and provide more information to all potential visitors, involving the handicapped who are sometimes constrained to turn back from the museum gate, or – instead of enjoying the exhibition - to watch out for the obstacles standing in their way.

I am Mrs. Huszákné Marietta Czencz, the only daughter and the caretaker of the heritage of painter János Czencz. My husband and I have been working hard for many years in order to exhibit the heritage of my father in the form of a emorial museum. The protection and exhibition of these values is in the interest of the whole nation.

The memorial museum was finally opened on 19th July 2002. Honoured guests of the celebration were the mayer of Báta, József Vöõ, the director of the Báv Rt., Mrs. Fertõszögi Béláné. A speech was held about the importance of popular arts and traditions by the director of the Village House of Decs - Cecil Bognár.

Apart from the works of my father, my egg painting work is also exhibited. We equipped a peasant house for this purpose. This is where the eggs and the egg painting procedure itself can be looked at.

Mrs. Huszákné Marietta Czencz

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