The Arts on Eggs Museum

The Arts on Eggs Museum

7722 - Zengovárkony (Baranya)
Kossuth Lajos utca 6.
Zengovárkony Hungary
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This is a list that contains such particulars of the museums, which can be useful for the people with limited physical capabilities.

The idea of making the first occurred to us when we tried to find some information about a Hungarian museum on the web. We then decided to try and provide more information to all potential visitors, involving the handicapped who are sometimes constrained to turn back from the museum gate, or – instead of enjoying the exhibition - to watch out for the obstacles standing in their way.

The eggs are the spring of life. Our ancestors thought that the whole world sprang up from an egg.
According to the Kalevala, the earth came out of the bottom of the egg, the heaven burst out from the top part, whilst the yalk stands for the sun and the white stands for the moon, etc.

The egg painting and embroidery is an organic part of the Easter traditions, but it also developed into an independent branch of the popular arts.

The museum gives a rich demonstration of the varied egg ornamentations.and well-off gyujteménye. Its target region mainly is the European countries.

The works of the Hungarian egg painters are exhibited in regional units. Some Israeli, Chinese and Indonesian pieces are seen, too. Pieces of popular and applied arts are displayed in the glass-cases as well.

Postcards and replicas can be purchased of the nicest pieces in the exhibition. The museum offers a whole set of paints, other tools and counsels necessary for egg painting at home.

Apart from the permanent exhibition a library and a research room is going to satify the professional demands of the visitors.

Please check with vendor for all aspects of the information displayed here as the cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or omissions. We will do our outmost to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible, if you have any comments please email us with the information.

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